IoT Apps Development

We build IoT platforms connected to mobile apps and web apps

We build platforms

Juicymo connects your business
to the world of Internet of Things.

Internet of Things and Big Data - two areas which shape the world around us. We have experience in both.

From creating device prototype to finding the best way how to process, visualise and understand the gathered data. From a robot, small building, to a city.
We empower your world with smart technologies.

We build IoT platforms
Our IoT spices

Our spices: IoT, Prototyping, 3D Print, 3D Modeling and Big Data visualisations.

We are connecting IoT with mobile apps and web apps

Connecting worlds

We have experience in creating apps connected to IoT. We always love to connect the latest technologies together.

We do platform prototyping

Platform prototyping

We build Internet of Things platforms and we are also using 3D print for prototyping.

We help with IoT apps development

Experts help

We love to help the community, we write open source and organise or speak at development conferences in Czech Republic or abroad.

IoT Apps Development - Probee IoT Platforms Development - Robotic arm

How we create IoT platforms

For the whole time, we will work closely together with you. As our client, you will see how your IoT application or platform grows. From the idea through prototype to the smart customised IoT platform.


IoT platform idea


IoT platform scheme


IoT platform prototype


Programming IoT platform

Sparkling IoT Platform

Sparkling IoT Platform
Sparkling IoT

How we can help

Have an idea for IoT platform? Do you need help with Internet of Things device prototype? We can help you with that. We do IoT apps and consultancy services.

Let’s talk about how we can create a sparkling IoT app for you or see our work.

One Sparkling IoT platform for me!

From our IoT portfolio

IoT platform development, web development and mobile applications development for Anemone

Anemone Platform

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