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Get to know our mobile development services and how we work.

We love mobile

Juicymo brings your business
into the world of mobile.

The market of iOS and Android devices is growing every day.
We are interested in the possibilities which they bring to mobile applications and how they can help users with their day-to-day life.

We love mobile development
Our mobile development spices

Our spices: iPhone, iPad, Android, Mobile Web Apps, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Apps and Mobile Apps Design.

We have many years of experience with mobile development

Years of experience

With many years of experience in the development of mobile apps, we are always interested in the latest trends and technologies in the mobile world.

We develop native mobile apps

All native

We create native Android apps, iOS apps and iPad apps with beautiful mobile app design and outstanding mobile UX.

We help with mobile apps development

Experts help

We love to help the community, we write open source and organise or speak at mobile development conferences in Czech Republic or abroad.

Mobile development - iPhone X Mobile app development - iPhone 7 Mobile application development - Pixel Mobile applications development - Nexus 7

How we create mobile apps

For the whole time, we will work closely together with you. As our client, you will see how your mobile application grows. From the idea through prototype and design to the beautiful customised mobile app.


Mobile App idea


Mobile App prototype


Mobile App design


Mobile App beta

Juicy Mobile App

Juicy Mobile App
Juicy mobile application on Samsung Juicy mobile app on iPhone X

How we can help

Have an idea for a mobile application? Is your company already offering a product or services but without being on mobile?
Do you need help with mobile design or just help with a better UX?
Interested in AR or VR? We can help you with that - we do mobile apps development and consultancy services.

Let’s talk about how we can create a juicy mobile app
for you or see our mobile development work.

One Juicy mobile app for me!

From our mobile apps development portfolio

Mobile app development for Fraus

Fraus AR

Mobile applications development for Meditation Easy

Meditation Easy

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