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What we do

Mobile Apps Development

The market of iOS and Android Mobile devices is growing every day. We are greatly interested in abilities and possibilities of these devices which they bring to the application design. Therefore Mobile Apps development is the favorite part of our portfolio.

Do you have an interesting idea for an App? Is your company already offering products or services by a Mobile App? Not yet? Lets change that together!

  • iPhone Apps
  • iPad Apps
  • Android Apps
  • Mobile Web Apps
  • Mobile Apps Design
  • iOS Games

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Virtual Reality & Internet of Things

Let us be your guide into the wonderful world of Virtual and Augmented Reality. Visualize your dreams like never before and immerse yourself in a digital environment, meticulously crafted into tiniest details. All of this is possible thanks to Unreal and Unity engine.

Internet of Things and Big Data. Two areas which shape the world around us. We have experience with both. From creating a device prototype to finding a best way how to process, visualize and understand the gathered data. From a robot, small building or a city.

Need help with VR or IoT? Lets do it together!

  • Virtual Reality Apps
  • Augmented Reality Apps
  • Apps for Oculus Rift
  • Apps for HTC Vive
  • Apps for Samsung Gear
  • VR-Ready 3D models
  • Internet of Things integration
  • Embedded systems programing
  • Internet of Things prototyping
  • Arduino Development
  • RaspberryPi Development

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Web Apps Development

Having a website is now a commonplace. Current trends in web design are flat, simplicity, lots of white space and the most important thing is going mobile. More and more users are browsing the web from their mobile devices - tablets or smartphones. In most cases a well made Responsive Web can replace both - the Website for Desktop and the Website for Mobile. Often at a much lower cost. 

Do you have an idea, but instead of a costly native solutions you want to start with a less costly (responsive) web alternative? Does your website work on mobile devices? No? Lets change that together!

  • Web Apps
  • Responsive Web
  • Mobile Web
  • Webdesign
  • Ruby on Rails Apps
  • Intranet Apps
  • RESTful APIs

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Lectures & Consulting

Our know-how helps us a lot. And we like sharing it. If you are interested in the way how iOS, Android or Wep Apps are made, we can guide you, train you and help. Also if you have co-workers or colleagues we can train them as well.

Are you in the process of development and have a major issue? The project does not proceeded smoothly as you planned and you now think that a fresh look could come in handy? We are here to help. We offer consultations too. Both for the individuals and teams. We are flexible about time, form or place. We have several years of experience with consulting, training and leadership skills. You can see us at many conferences, quite a few of them are organized by us. We speak at technical universities and international conferences as well.

  • iOS Consulting
  • Android Consulting
  • Ruby on Rails Consulting
  • Virtual Reality Consulting
  • Single Page Apps Consulting
  • Internet of Things Consulting

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Our workflow

In the area of (not only) Mobile Apps development, based on our experience, we have found a workflow which allows us to build and make great Apps. This is the reason why we use this workflow every day. An output deliverable is after the each step.

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What we do