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Get to know our web development services and how we work.

We create web apps

Juicymo makes responsive websites with beautiful UX and design.

Web is a huge platform and web development is the favorite part of our portfolio.

Currently the most important thing is going mobile.
More and more users are browsing websites from their mobile devices - tablets or smartphones. In most cases a well made responsive web can replace both - the website for desktop and the website for mobile devices.

We create web applications
Our web development spices

Our spices: Web Apps, Responsive Websites, Mobile Websites, Progressive Web Apps, Web backends, Webdesign and RESTful APIs.

We have many years of experience with web development

Years of experience

With many years of experience in the development of both small and large responsive websites, we are always interested in the latest trends on the web.

We create scalable web applications

Scalability in mind

We build fast and scalable web applications and APIs in Ruby on Rails with beautiful design and outstanding web UX.

We help with web apps development

Experts help

We love to help the community, we write open source and organise or speak at web development conferences in Czech Republic or abroad.

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How we create web apps

For the whole time, we will work closely together with you. As our client, you will see how your web application grows. From the idea through prototype and design to the awesome customised web app.


Web App idea


Web App prototype


Web App design


Web App beta

Fresh Web App

Fresh Web App
Fresh web application

How we can help

Have an idea for a web application? Does your company or product need a responsive website? Have you heard about progressive web apps? Do you need a backend with API? Or do you need a help with web design or just help with a better UX? We can help you with that - we do web apps development and consultancy services.

Let’s talk about how we can create a fresh web app for you or see our web development work.

One Fresh web app for me!

From our web apps development portfolio

Web application development for Harley-Davidson


Responsive web development for Alkion


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