We develop information systems and mobile applications.
We connect systems. We digitize.

We are excited about software development. We have already developed tailor-made applications for startups, as well as large information systems optimized for heavy workloads in industries such as gastronomy, manufacturing, metallurgy and transport/logistics.

We will be happy to help you with the development of your information system, connecting systems, digitizing your business, or creating tailor-made process automations.

We develop customized information systems

Information Systems Development

We develop customized information systems, ranging from web administrations, web portals, APIs, and applications to scalable, robust systems that seamlessly integrate with a variety of services, systems, or hardware, process data in real-time, and store it in various types of databases. Additionally, we specialize in connecting systems, even those that appear non-connectable.

  • We adhere to the standards of individual technologies, enabling us to connect applications to various types of databases and deploy them in diverse cloud environments.
  • Applications are created to be user-friendly, accommodating individuals with different user roles, multiple languages, and various time zones.
We develop mobile applications for Android and iOS

Mobile Applications Development

We create native apps for Android and iPhone/iPad, with experience in both smaller applications that connect to APIs and large multi-module applications. Our expertise allows us to integrate with various proprietary devices and hardware, synchronize data in real-time, and provide full offline support in case of internet connection failure.

  • The field of mobile application development advances each year. Consequently, we stay current with the latest trends and incorporate these approaches into our development processes.
  • Our mobile applications are designed to deliver a seamless user experience across a wide range of screen sizes and densities, from smartwatches to tablets, and are finely tuned for various types of devices.
We can help with process automation and digitization

Process Automation, Digitization and Consulting

We are ready to assist you on your journey towards digital transformation and process automation for your organization. We can analyze specific situations within your operations, identify processes suitable for automation, and propose customized software solutions to enhance the efficiency and automation of your business processes.

  • Manual and repetitive tasks can be replaced by automated processes and customized systems in your organization. With process automation, you can reduce error rates, increase efficiency, cut costs, and redirect your focus toward your core business.
  • We enjoy sharing our experience, which is why we offer our clients (and their teams) training and consulting services in effective application design and development, application security, process automation, and digitization options.

How We Work

From UX analysis to development and deployment

We pay careful attention to analysis of every project, ux design (including user stories, requirements, user interface design - UX/UI), software architecture, and extensible development in alignment with standards of the relevant technology. With years of experience, we have established development processes and automations, which help us with the development, project management, testing and deployment of applications in diverse environments.

Project management

When you collaborate with us, you remain informed and set the direction. We accompany you throughout the entire process of information system or app creation. We maintain regular communication regarding project status, providing you with transparency into the entire development journey—from user interface design, design, through development, testing, to deployment. Your input guides the current development priorities, ensuring that the project aligns with your vision.

Agile development

We adopt an agile development approach, creating information systems and mobile applications in incremental parts through individual iterations. This iterative process allows us to tailor the system to your organization's specific requirements at any given moment. After each iteration, we produce a new version (increment) of the system. Following thorough testing, the system is ready for deployment in the production environment.

Support (SLA)

We offer the option of continuous support (SLA) for applications developed by our team, ensuring smooth operation and prompt resolution of any system issues. The specific support requirements are tailored to the project's needs and your organization's preferences.

Technologies We Use

At Juicymo, we specialize in various frontend, backend, and mobile technologies.
We've successfully developed numerous information systems and mobile applications for our clients. Whether the project is for mobile or web, we always select the most suitable technology based on its specific requirements.

Frontend development of web applications

Web Applications Frontend

We develop frontends of information systems, responsive web applications and single-page web applications (SPA). We utilize a stack that includes HTML, CSS/Sass, JavaScript, TypeScript and Vue.js framework.

Web Applications Backend

We develop backends of information systems, web applications and APIs in Ruby on Rails, with occasional support from Go or Kotlin. We work with databases like PostgreSQL, MS SQL and MongoDB and deploy applications on cloud solutions such as Azure, AWS and Heroku. Additionally, we leverage Docker and Kubernetes for containerization and orchestration.

Backend development of web applications
Mobile applications development

Mobile Applications

We do native mobile applications development in Kotlin (on Android) or in Swift (on iOS). We use hybrid solutions or Kotlin Multiplatform solutions as needed.

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